Synthetic Ascension Design

by Cryptik Howling

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One step further into realms of agony, this opus sharpens the edge of insanity with a melodic black metal worth the greatest formations of the style! For fans of Dimmu Borgir, Septic Flesh & Behemoth!


released April 10, 2013

Music by Cryptik Howling
Lyrics by Dominic Mongrain Theriault & Cryptik Howling
Recorded at Northern Studio March & April 2011
Orchestrations recorded at Black Amp Studio March 2011
Engineered by Yannick St-Amand at Northern Studio
Produced by Cryptik Howling & Yannick St-Amand
Mixed by Jef Fortin at Badass Studio
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Recording Studios
Cover & Layout by Samuel Pruneau
Photography by Hugo Lacroix
Costumes by Paco Bureau & Cryptik Howling



all rights reserved


Cryptik Howling Rouyn Noranda, Québec

Formed in 2002.

Vitium Intus - 2006 (Northern Studio, Cryogenic Records)

Them - 2009 (Northern Studio, Cryogenic Records)

"And out come the wolves tour" w/ Woven Ancestry & Will of the Ancients summer 2009

Support Blackguard in Canada 2009

Synthetic Ascension Design - 2013 (Northern Studio, Badass Studio, Fascination Street Studio)
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Track Name: World Shepherd
Pyres judges descending on the lands
Please the mob, their clamour blends in the agony
Countless sacrifices nurture the hungry gods
Welcome to real hell, real reality
Burning faces screaming pain, take place revel in suffering

Brilliant eyes, suspense for a last breath
Sorting out the unfit, soil as a higher summit

Judgement in motion, chalice at white-hot heat
Furious infection feeding on the globe
Praise in silence, witness the sentence
Descend to spaces unknown

Shining eyes, suspense for a last breath
Sorting out the unfit...

Human ultimate form,
Detest the world for what it has sown
Planet shaping furies descending from the north
Will divide and raise dominions immutable
Seasons broken from place, the undying winter
Rewrite to bolster belief, rewrite the book of thieves

Ancient shepherds, scourge of man, antipode power, words of the earth leaking dismay
Wounds of the earth bleeding to deter mutiny, bearing toothless grins in the face of sin
Untie Messiah’s bodies, disease the grounds, swollen in three days below the son
Sores overgrown, mass affliction, moving mountain leaving its shadow over restless pawns

Burning eyes, lust, one more death
Sorting out the unfit, soil as a higher summit
Track Name: Dead Trees
Wandering the unknown, licking broken hopes
Moves of nothing in the strain, for the strain is real

Pale faces turned backward and crosses upside down

Breathing the voidly ghosts, leaves faint into grey smokes
The autumn of the Soul, appealing colours
Bleeding the vainly boasts, fumes off the cans of hope
The winter of the flesh will make all as one

Sinister banks have swept the years, the sorry man will expire
Threads of fate burn twice, there is no hope, no illusion
Blind and behind the light, faces of death foreshadowing the rests
Prey, observe silence, pray, witness silence

Lined up candles pointing at the sky, ever burning down to the last defeat
Wind whispering fears, plague sweeping, bleeding all the tears

Voluntarily deaf to the darkness
The sorry man knows no true taste
Dead trees, moves of nothing
Track Name: Absorbing Light
Layers, domains of eluding shades, shifting the hands of demise
Substance leaking, misery dyeing on alien faces

Gasping for poisons beneath surfaces of conscience
Reaching horizons indefinite, spiritual channels untaught

Liars, domains of evading shapes, sharpening hands of deceit
Passages abolishing reason, merging the past
Souls nurturing essence breeds in ruin
Itinerants, withdrawn of shades, withdrawn of shapes

The black sphere twisting realities
A thirsty soil pulling fleshly pillars
Devolving through obscure dimensions
A monument weaving the edges of existence

Dead loss wandering immensities, horizons as far as the eye can’t see
Luciferian experiment complete, masses falling devoid
Luciferian experiment complete, emerging astral bodies
Dead loss wondering eternities, dimensions thought and forgotten
Track Name: InSect
Push the nameless in a grand wheel of fate
Madness, brightness enveloping ourselves
Crush the weary in the grand work of hate
Reunite the lost parts of the Soul
Scatterers, a billion bodies straying inward
A trail of flesh, visions of grandeur, behold the torch-bearer

Pathetic, frantic, lunatic melted as parts in the infinite
Calling the Eve, the Atomic

Throng of the replaceable crawling, aligning fallen ones
Worthy of Chimera’s call, drawing lines in the sands of your god
Patterns immortal, carved dunes illegible, fervent of restless conversion
Spiritual submission, undoing abysmal quest, there is no rest

Pathetic, frantic, lunatic granted a part in the infinite
Crawling to Eve, to Atomic

Side the sufferer, bearer of barbed crowns
Prophet suffering grandeur eternal
Enough to prey on the mortal

Throng of the replaceable falling, failing to the abyss above
Worthy of Chimera’s claws, vanishing time for the sons of your god
Patterns eternal, craved dunes illegible, pervert of restless conversion
Divine submission, undoing abysmal quest, there is no rest
Track Name: Caligastia
When it comes to humanity, sirens shriek solitarily
Abated knowledge, all comes to grief
Disturbing, moving time and elements, reflecting absolute opacity

Caligastia, legions beholder
Caligastia, inherits the world
Caligastia, becoming reality
Caligastia, beyond the sixth breed

Ignorance is bliss, a gathering of carrion feeders
Death comes into existence soon for ten billion carriers

Apathy resurrected, ancient potencies misled, twisted, vanished
Null and void powers, burden of valour, select the elite for re-creation

Behold the sixth extinction
Track Name: Ulysses' Death
Deluded seers eternally drifting away picturing mysterious seas
Sailing boundless oceans of dismay, evoking monarchs of the deep
Mortal vessels quietly floating astray, pursuing dragons in the haze
Outlandish landings on shores unknown

Exhilarate the siren’s grievance, appealing decoy
Impale the one-eyed giant, avenge the dying
Bound by a distant heart, a decade of tears waking the gods
Spawn one’s own executioner onward hellish pathways

Voyaging the Styx, coursing the Netherworld, pursuing the seer for return
Murmuring voices, echoing dirges of departed champions
Voyaging the Styx, coursing the Netherworld, pursuing the fortune teller
Riding the dark winds, sailing the black waves, back to hells
Voyaging the Styx, coursing the Netherworld, chasing the years for return
Exiled on the Styx, cursed in the Netherworld, chasing the dragons

Sinuous decades longing on capricious waves
Time reaches the strands of oblivion
Vacuum inhaling lives, back into the deep, back into slumber
The impaler’s venom cursed its own blood, breeding its downfall
Track Name: Hallowed Masquerade
Concealed beneath stratums of deceit, myth suits an appetite for intolerable truth
Centuries of silence man made taciturn, dread is the unknown, sentenced to burn
Immaculate stagnancy, chastise disobedience, secluded for the higher one
Ramparts closing in, tangible mistrust, preachers, a manifest of disgust

Devils are born on Holy Grounds
Abating feeble essence
Pestering in secrecy
Engineering the damned
Anticipating rebirth

Disrupted needles plant the seeds of evil, tramples the weak mind
Fashioned empires twisted out of the blood, beckoned masses
Praised redeemer, cloaked devilish being, seizes precarious balance
Vacant structures nourished upon the womb, self-echoing leeches

Released incandescent, reborn in suffering, cycle the shaped
Self-punishment perpetrated through the ages, a fiery justice
Edges crashed spilt the scarlet element, a beastly calling
Demons above, angels down below, sharpening the mirrors
Track Name: Soul Garden
Subliminal slaves breeding thoughts, reckless fury
Mind control feeding wounds rest the agony
Fuel spilling words, the abyss, the edge of man
Death and rebirth in blood

A New World Order, tombstone of humanity
A new Atlantis has risen, a child’s playground

Primeval rage prevails in obscurity
Rain ashes down the skies clouds daylight
Radiating haloes functions defined
Burning down the clustered over a lifetime

Ruin, tombstone of humanity
A new Atlantis has risen

1st Thou shalt maintain the populace under 500,000,000
2nd Thou shalt control breeding wisely
3rd Thou shalt speak the tongue of the New World
4th Thy purpose shall triumph over thy nature
5th Thou shalt observe a new world structure
6th Thy nation shall rule below the eye of the New World’s judges
7th Thou shalt avoid being useless
8th Thy duty precedes thy rights
9th Acclaim perfection & harmony in ignorance
10th Be not a cancer

Blind in darkness, shaping shadows of the Soul, leaves into oblivion
Poison in sadness, hanging cancers on a rope, asking for deliverance
See in darkness, breathing pain’s devolution, pariah distort of truth
Cure in madness, taste a true enlightenment, glimpse through smoke

Bloodied celestial bodies, ashen wings hovers the heavens
Threatening knowledge down below, not leaking from above
Tuning light dark enough to sleep, dark enough to see

Bleeding thoughts, relentless fury
Mind feeding wounds
Fuel spilling words
Death and rebirth in blood
Track Name: The Fool's Errand
Arise above

See your world burn? Let it burn
Watch it die with a smile, I eat the world

Evil, I am fire, destruction, apocalypse
No divine intervention, no creation

Dead man walk the earth, hate at heart
Twisting the wind, twisting the flood
A dead end, a dead head, you are force-fed

The further your kind advances in time, the closer you get from the end of the line
Believe you can save your world from its fate, I think you’re a fool there lying in wait
As you approach the edge of oblivion, your hands are tied, you will walk forward
You will regret the loss of your lies, too late; you reach the end of the line
As I become and rise above all, embracing new faith, like a cancer I corrupt
The fire that shines and burns in my heart, from the filthy mass it tears me apart

I have seen the end, nothing worth the wait
Dead men walk the earth, twisting the mind
There was nothing, a mouthful of ash

Mon parcours en est un de haine
Qui dévoile devant mes yeux
La véritable nature de l’homme
Semblable au cancer qui le ronge, inconscient de son apothéose
Le trépas de son hôte